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  • Government Products are procurement Specialists..."We are Procurement Specialists for Federal Government Agencies, Armed Forces Worldwide and Municipal Government Offices Nationwide"
  • Government Products can save you BIG DOLLARS on your commercial kitchen equipment...from refrigerators to dish washers, sinks, skillets and ovens.
  • Government Products has a complete line of Melamine Dinnerware. We carry a variety of plates, cups, bowls, platters and serving dishes. Dishwasher Safe, Nontoxic, Odorless, Stain Resistant and Break Resistant....a great dinnerware at the best prices.
  • These ground protection mats are used in a broad variety of applications to serve as slip-free protection to lawn, dirt and soft ground so heavy equipment will not disturb the existing landscape
  • We have compiled a variety of articles regarding government purchasing, grants and new tax incentives initiated by the Stimulus Plan.
  • How to Select the Right Commercial Kitchen Equipment. This includes refrigerators, frying cookers, mixing bowls, ovens, pizza servers, table articles, cooking equipment, bar ware, cutlery set, bake ware, broilers, pans, roasters, griddles, toasters, hotplates, steamers and any specialied items.
  • Kitchen Equipment...The term restaurant supplies cover a vast group of cooking and serving related products. They can include bar ware, table articles, cooking equipment and bakeware, refrigerators, cutlery sets etc.
  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning...The Importance of keeping your commercial kitchen clean. Let the professionals take care of it all. Using the latest cleaning products and equipment, the right company can effectively clean your entire restaurant exterior, commercial kitchen hood cleaning, exhaust, ventilation systems and more. From deep cleaning everything from oven to deep fat fryers, fridges, tile floors and grills, they will leave your kitchen looking brand new. Not only will your kitchen equipment run better, they will also be quiet and free from odor.
  • Range Line Cook Hoods....learn how to keep them clean and running smoothly.
  • Choosing the Right Commercial Dishwasher For Your Commercial Kitchen...Deciding on the right dishwasher for your restaurant or commercial kitchen depends on a few important factors, and it's vital to get the right machine for the job. There are multiple types of dish machines depending on what you plan to wash and how much of it you plan to wash in a given day.
  • Different Types and Tips on Buying Dinnerware...Dinnerware is a set of dishes meant as serving pieces. Modern dinnerware can be made from glass, porcelain, stoneware, earthenware and durable plastics like melamine resin.
  • How to Purchase White Dinnerware...Tableware settings that are white and void of any coloration or pattern is referred to as white dinnerware. It is characterized by its functionality and practicality, and can be used for any occasion whether it is a simple get together with family and/or friends, or a full blown formal affair complete with all the trimmings. The choice is entirely up to you.
  • Important Aspects of Restaurant Dinnerware to Consider...Dining accessories used in restaurants today are more than just functional items...The durability factor - restaurant dinnerware is not handled and maintained in a manner like household dishware. 6 materials are the most common ones used today in manufacturing: * Earthenware * Ironstone * Porcelain Pottery * Plastic * Recycled glass * Stoneware
  • Restaurant Equipment And Supplies...Restaurant equipment and supplies include products that are needed for food preparation, preservation, storage and consumption. To function competently, restaurants require good management and adequate supplies and equipments. Supplies such as refrigerators, food processors, dishwashers and cutlery need to be maintained and repaired regularly. This will prevent sudden breakdown of equipment that can cause spoilage and result in losses.
  • Government Products...Contact Us Toll Free 800-927-7200 or email us at
  • Government Products Warranty Statement outlines our policy regarding how we handle the Warranty of the products we sell.
  • Government Products will keep you information private. Government Products will maintain your privacy with the information you provide. Our policy is to protect your privacy.
  • Government Products is your single source procurement specialist to provide a variety of products. We will research your RFQ or RFQ and provide the most efficient and cost effective procurement choice.


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