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How to Purchase White Dinnerware

May 1, 2011
Written by: Anita Choudhary

Tableware settings that are white and void of any coloration or pattern is referred to as white dinnerware. It is characterized by its functionality and practicality, and can be used for any occasion whether it is a simple get together with family and/or friends, or a full blown formal affair complete with all the trimmings. The choice is entirely up to you. However, you can never go wrong with white dinnerware because of its versatility, whether it's being used on an everyday basis or for special occasions.
White is the most neutral of neutrals where color coordination is concerned and equates well with every event or occasion imaginable. Additionally, neutral colored dinnerware takes the guesswork out of matching your table setting with the immediate surroundings of the dining area. Just keep one thing in mind when you get to the point of frustration when searching for the ideal white set to suit your needs.
These wares are typically manufactured from a variety of materials, some of which are more advantageous and durable than others. The material to purchase your set in depends on the event or occasion that it is going to used for. The five most common materials used today in white dinnerware manufacturing are melamine resin, plastics, Earthenware, Glass, Porcelain and Stoneware.
How to Purchase
Decide how the white dinnerware will be used - ask yourself the following questions:
Are your meals typically smaller and simpler, or do you prepare large meals?
Do you entertain often?
When you do entertain, is it typically a casual affair or a formal one?
Be familiar with the types of materials that are used in manufacturing dinnerware sets - compare one against another, so you can learn how they are different. For example, stoneware has a number of advantages over melamine such as being dishwasher safe, extremely durable, freezer safe, ovenproof, and is very versatile for all types of occasions.
Inspect the quality and research the manufacturer if you can - the first thing you want to do is to turn a plate over and find out who the manufacturer is so that you can do the research online. Next, look closely at all the pieces themselves to make sure that there are no color variations between them as well as being clean and smooth. The glaze should be free from any bubbling, pin holes, tiny cracks, and be completely unblemished.
Hold one of the cups in the set by the handle and see how well balanced it feels, as well as how evenly it seats in the saucer. The handle joints need to be strong where it is connected to the cup and there should be no tiny faults or flaws. Finally, make sure that any lids (e.g. on creamers, sugar bowls, or teapots) fir evenly and are not too loose.
By following the above suggestions, you should have no problem purchasing the white dinnerware that is best suited to satisfy your needs.



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